Parks Victoria’s Online Survey closes today

Dear All

 Today is your last chance to let Parks Victoria know of your opinion on the Impressionist Lab (gallery) project if you have not done so already. Parks Victoria’s Online Survey closes today.

Click here to fill in Parks Vitoria’s Survey Now; it will only take 2 minutes of your time to comment on this innovative and exciting project. Please feel free to forward this e-mail.

 Your comments and thoughts on this proposal are important to its future development. Council believes that the Impressionist Lab (gallery) will benefit the Banyule and wider community especially students as well as provide an opportunity for people from around Victoria, Australia and the world to learn more about the Heidelberg School Artists in the actual birth place of this significant art movement.

 The Proposal

The Impressionist Lab (gallery) proposal involves the development of a new cultural facility within Yarra Flats Park (Parks Victoria has already given in principle support for this project), the birth place of the Heidelberg School Arts Movement. The Impressionist Lab will be a purpose built gallery and education centre that will celebrate the contribution of the Heidelberg School Artists in the area that moved and inspired the. The Lab will provide dedicated spaces for exhibitions, public programs, education and research.

 The proposed site is on the corner of The Boulevard and Banksia Street Heidelberg on the edge of Yarra Flats Park and will create a cultural precinct which will include Heide Museum of Modern Art and the Impressionist Lab (gallery) linked by an artists trail and proposed new pedestrian bridge.

 The foot print of the Impressionist Lab building will be kept to a minimum and will touch the earth lightly, will be architecturally designed, provide a framed view into the park through its design and be integrated with the proposed Storm Water Harvesting Wetlands.

 This will be Banyule’s first ever publicly owned purpose built gallery and will provide the community with a great opportunity to experience and be immersed in art in an environment that inspired artists before us.

 Car Parking Myths

There is currently some misinformation within the community about the car park requirements of the Impressionist Lab (gallery) which I would like to clarify. It has been indicated that the Impressionist Lab (gallery) project will include the development of an extra 200 car parks within Yarra Flats Park , this is factually incorrect. The proposed Impressionist Lab (gallery) project could be built without an increase to the existing number of car parks. However, due to their being three proposed projects within Yarra Flats Park by three different organisations (Melbourne Water-Storm Water Harvesting Wetlands, Parks Victoria-Tree Based Adventure Facility and Banyule City Council’s Impressionist Lab Gallery  as well as a proposal to upgrade park facilities in general, there is a proposal to increase the car parks by 140 car parks to take it from the existing 160 car parks to a total of 300 car parks.

This is reflected in the Preliminary Yarra Flats Concept Plan developed by Parks Victoria. For comparison Heide MOMA currently has 90 car parks.

 If you would like to know any further information about the Impressionist Lab (gallery) Project or the Preliminary Yarra Flats Concept Plan before filling in the survey click on these links.

Impressionist Lab (Gallery) Proposal

Yarra Flats Park Preliminary Concept Plan

 Community Feedback for the Impressionist Lab (gallery)  will be received by Banyule City Council via our online survey up until 30 June 2012. If you haven’t yet filled in this survey, click here.


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