February – Bulleen Art & Garden

Phone: 0438 398 750, : meredith@baag.com
Gaia Night –a mural launch, exhibition opening, Jane Edmanson, Jason Smith (Heide), performance, walks at Bulleen Art & Garden.

A new exhibition -Conservatory of Singular Specimens
We hope to see you at Gaia Night- and that you will let others know!

Listing details at bottom of page


“Gaia Night,

23rd February

Celebrate the Earth’s life support system, ‘Gaia’, in art, performance, discussion and river walks More information,  http://www.baag.com.au/?p=4293 

6 – 8pm:

*Jane Edmanson, well-known television and radio gardening personality,  will  discuss the potential for biodiversity in your backyard.

Jason Smith, director of Heide Museum of Modern Art will talk about art, environment and place and launch Bulleen Art & Garden’s new mural .

*  Mural Launch – The final Journey of Pedro Piscador will be launched. The ambitious 11 x 5m mural by Lachlan Plain tells the story of wily adventurer, Pedro Piscator, whose ship is powered by melody, charting a sonata through the sky and towing a floating island upon which he’s collected the most singular of species, rescued from a sullied Earth. 

Exhibition Opening– Sanctum Theatre’s Conservatory of Singular Specimens in Bulleen Art & Garden’s Bolin Bolin Gallery.(16th February to 23rd March) The Conservatory is an exhibition about biodiversity – an exhibition of singular specimens – whether they be arboreal, bestial or purely alchemical. For more information,  http://gallery.baag.com.au/index.php/exhibitions/conservatory-of-singular-specimens


PerformanceThe night will be hosted by Sanctum Theatre’s MacQuail Family with an appearance by the City Creatures from ‘the sordid underbelly of the metropolis’ and live music by Andy Jans-Brown.

                                                  Sanctum Theatre’s MacQuail Family 

5 – 6pm:

* Habitat Walk.  Explore Bulleen Art & Garden’s river revegetation site – a unique flood-plain habitat and urban wildlife corridor with Paul McMorran (BAAG CEO) and Glen Mansfield.

* Produce Walk Discover an eclectic range of edible plants and learn about their cultivation.

Gaia Night and The exhibition, Conservatory of Singular Specimens are  Part of Melbourne’s Sustainable Living Festival,

And will raise funds for  Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) – a not-for-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to changing the way Australians garden.www.sgaonline.org.au

Art Trail and Exhibition Floor Talk,

Sunday 26th February 3 – 4pm.

Lachlan Plain, mural artist and Sanctum Theatre Director and Meredith Plain, Bolin Bolin Gallery Director, will take people on awalk through the exhibition, and around the artworks at Bulleen Art & Garden.

Part of Manningham Healthy lifestyles week www.manningham.vic.gov.au

GAIA Night listing details

GAIA Night

A celebration of art and Environment

Date: Thursday 23rd February 2012
 Habitat Walk & Produce Walk
Mural Launch, Exhibition Opening, Speakers, Performance
 Bulleen Art & Garden,6 Manningham Rd. West, Bulleen
meredith@baag.com.au or 8850 3030 (for Walks and/or Launch)

Exhibition listing details

Conservatory of Singular Specimens

Exhibition dates: 16th February – 23rd March

Art Trail and Exhibition Floor Talk
Sunday 28th February 2012
 3 – 4pm                                    RSVP:meredith@baag.com.au or 8850 3030

Address:Bolin Bolin Gallery at Bulleen Art & Garden, 6 Manningham Rd. West, Bulleen


Bulleen Art & Garden

6 Manningham Rd West, Bulleen. 8850 3030



 The Bolin Bolin Gallery is  on Facebook.


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